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Dragon Master of the Olden Days
Dragon Master of the Olden Days
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Dragon Master of the Olden Days

Other name: Jiu Ri Yu Long; 旧日驭龙; Dragon Rider of the Olden Days; Dragon Master (Sky Tree Comics Studio); Jiù Rì Yù Lóng; Old Era Dragon Tamer; ドラゴン使いの逆襲


A Masterpiece of Royal Beast! An adaptation of Fengshazhong’s original novel “The Old Days of Harnessing Dragons”! The wasteland world is infested with foreign beasts, and the space for human survival is shrinking day by day. Su Heng, a young genius, accidentally obtained the “Old Dragon Dictionary” that gathers the knowledge and magic power of the old world, and started on the road of rebellion from then on. Hatching beast eggs, activating high-level bloodlines that are difficult for ordinary people to reach, developing skills to recreate top-level combat power that has not been seen in centuries, and there is even a “secret method of transforming dragons”, allowing beasts around to break through the mortal world and transform into giant dragons!



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