Leveling Up by Hoarding
Leveling Up by Hoarding
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Leveling Up by Hoarding

Other name: Wo Kao Caiji Wanwu Shengji; 我靠采集万物升级; I Level Up By Absorbing Everything; Talent Reaper; I Upgrade by Collecting Everything; Wǒ Kào Cǎijí Wànwù Shēngjí


Soul aura awakens, fierce beasts roam the earth. Chi Mo transmigrated and awakens the technique of collecting. Collecting High level talent of time, can let time go faster or slower! Collecting great golden sun phoenix bloodline can let the body transform into the sun and scorch the earth! Collecting the talent of swordsmanship, can make one understands the concept of the sword and slice through everything!



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