Advanced Evolution
Advanced Evolution
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Advanced Evolution

Other name: Extraordinary Evolution; 超凡进化; Super Evolution; Chaofan Jinhua; Siêu Phàm Tiến Hóa; アドバンスド・エボリューション; 초월진화


Ming He is a teenager with an inconspicuous superpower, but his superpower is the lowest one out of the five tiers, White Dust. When he was on the way home, a disaster comet with the code name “Goddess” flew into the atmosphere and crashed onto Ming He, who was riding his bike on an empty highway. “Goddess” then became a spirit and gifted a powerful super talent to Ming He. With the addition of his original “trash” talent, Ming He gradually hikes towards his goal of becoming the strongest human, all the while slowly getting closer to discovering the truth of the cosmic universe!!



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