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Apocalyptic Super Farm
Apocalyptic Super Farm
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Apocalyptic Super Farm

Other name: 末世超级农场; Moshi Chaoji Nongchang; Mòshì Chāojí Nóngchǎng; Doomsday Super Farm; Eden's Last Stand; Mòshì Chāojí Nóngchǎng; 末世超级农场; Moshi Chaoji Nongchang


The apocalypse has dawned upon the world, and food and survival are once again the most important topics of people's concern. Rice and flour have become luxuries, and vegetables are even more expensive! But just then, someone posted a video on a website that shocked the world. Sweet vegetables rolled into a hot pot, emitting a tantalizing green color! A golden leg of lamb is seared in oil! Fish soup simmers as white as milk! The little girl beside me begged: Bro, I really can't eat anymore!



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