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Global Ghost, Billions of Ghosts Inside Me!
Global Ghost, Billions of Ghosts Inside Me!
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Global Ghost, Billions of Ghosts Inside Me!

Other name: Global Ghost Control: There Are Hundreds of Millions of Ghosts in My Body; Quan Qiu Yu Gui: Wo De Ti Nei You Yi Zhi Gui; Quán Qiú Yù Guǐ: Wǒ De Tǐ Nèi Yǒu Yì Zhǐ Guǐ; 全球御鬼,我的体内有亿只鬼; 全球御鬼:我的体内有亿只鬼; Toàn Cầu Ngự Quỷ: Trong Cơ Thể Ta Có Hàng Trăm Triệu Con Quỷ

Age warning: "Global Ghost, Billions of Ghosts Inside Me!" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


In the midst of class, Lin Mo, the ultimate gamer, was unexpectedly transported to a parallel world infested with ghosts and monsters. As the least talented person around, he accidentally stumbled upon the “Defense-Breaking System.” All he had to do was break through a ghost’s defenses, and BAM! He could forcefully form a contract with it. Oh boy, things got wild from there! While others were averaging two ghost contracts, Lin Mo went all out and contracted a BILLION ghosts! With a single summon, a gazillion ghosts descended upon the world! Drowning ghosts, starving ghosts, boozy ghosts, chainsaw ghosts… Spooky, right?! Boo-tifully terrifying!



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