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God's Contempt
God's Contempt
God's Contempt
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God's Contempt

Other name: Contempt of the Rulers; God's Scorn; 神之蔑


The rulers realm is under attack by mysterious forces from the Outer Realms, triggering a thousand-year cycle of wars among rulers. What leaves the rulers in despair is that each time ends in defeat. As the final cycle approaches, they activate the reincarnation formation, placing their hopes in humanity, aiming to select a new generation of rulers through the transmission of power. Meanwhile, in the mortal realm, Qi Xiangfeng, who was originally ineligible to become a player, enters the mysterious gaming world of “Realm of the Rulers” after receiving a package from his missing father… **Original Webtoon:** AC.QQ, BiliBili, KuaiKan, IQIYI



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