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I Am the Shadow Reverend
I Am the Shadow Reverend
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I Am the Shadow Reverend

Other name: 全民转职:我牧师,都什么阴间技能; Tiān Shēng Dú Nǎi, Wǒ Zǔzhòule Quán Shìjiè!; Born With Poisonous Milk, I Cursed the Whole World!; 天生毒奶,我詛咒了全世界!; 天生毒奶,我诅咒了全世界!; Tian Sheng Du Nai, Wo Zuzhoule Quan Shijie!


Traveling through a parallel world, the game merges with the real world, where ferocious beasts are rampant, alien races are raging, and there are a large number of dungeons and secret realms in the wild. Humans can awaken into various professions and work hard to kill monsters and upgrade. On the day of his profession awakening, Lin Luo awakened the priest profession, which is the most popular but has no damage ability. Just when he was struggling, he discovered that his skills had mutated! The blood recovery technique mutates into the bleeding technique? Blessing mutates into curse? But I am really a healing priest!



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