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I Can Crit Infinitely
I Can Crit Infinitely
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I Can Crit Infinitely

Other name: I Can Hit Infinitely; 我可以无限暴击; Wo Keyi Wuxian Bao Ji; I Can Strike Infinitely; Wǒ Kěyǐ Wúxiàn Bào Jī

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Lin Jing, who arrived in a fantasy world, faced hostilities from rival sects, betrayal from fellow disciples, and the burden of accompanying a sect’s daughter who had lost all her cultivation. Fortunately, he possessed the power of the “Critical Strike System.” With this system’s blessing, everything he did—be it attacking, defending, moving swiftly, cultivating, alchemy, or enlightenment—could trigger critical strike effects! No matter how formidable his foes were, they couldn’t withstand this simple yet unstoppable power of critical strikes!



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