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I Raised the Yandere Villain Empress
I Raised the Yandere Villain Empress
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I Raised the Yandere Villain Empress

Other name: Wo Yang Chengle Bing Jiao Fanpai Nvdi; 我养成了病娇反派女帝; I Have Raised the Yandere Villain Empress; Ta Đã Dưỡng Thành Một Nữ Đế Phản Phái Yandere; Wǒ Yǎng Chéngle Bìng Jiāo Fǎnpài Nǚdì


What is the experience of being betrayed and given to death by a disciple who has been raised with all his heart and soul? Exhausting his cultivation to finally obtain a chance to be reborn! In this life, he's become corrupted. What's the point of helping the heroine? Since I've come to become a villain, I'll do it to the tee! As long as I'm strong enough, I'll be able to win!



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