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I Took Over the Demonic Sect Master
I Took Over the Demonic Sect Master
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I Took Over the Demonic Sect Master

Other name: 拿魔头剧本的我修为全无,还被女徒弟追杀?!; Na Mo Tou Ju Ben De Wo Xiu Wei Quan Wu, Hai Bei Nv Tu Di Zhui Sha?!; Ná Mó Tóu Jù Běn De Wǒ Xiū Wèi Quán Wú, Hái Bèi Nǚ Tú Dì Zhuī Shā?!; I, Who Took the Devil's Script, Have No Cultivation at All, and Yet I Am Still Being Hunted by My Female Apprentices?!; I, Who Took the Demon's Script, Lost All My Cultivation And Am Being Hunted by Female Disciples?!


Once Wang Bai awakes, he realises he’s somehow crossed over into a fantasy world, and that he’s even lying in a coffin! After receiving a portion of his memories, he realises that this body is the sect master of the Demon Sect, who has committed unthinkable crimes and made millions of enemies. Worst of all… he has lost all of his cultivation, and his previous disciples who harbour ill intent towards him have all become big shots Σ(っ °Д °;) the Ruler of the Palace of Five Poisons, the Lord of the Temple of the Demon God, the Leader of the righteous Way… should I just lie back down in the coffin and never get out?



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