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Infinite Devouring:From Zero to Hero
Infinite Devouring:From Zero to Hero
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Infinite Devouring:From Zero to Hero

Other name: Inexhaustible Engulfing; Devouring Infinite; Wujin Tunshi; Wújìn Tūnshì; Infinite Devouring: From Zero to Hero; Endless Devourer; Wújìn Tūnshì,; 无尽吞噬; 武魂覚醒、俺こそ偉大な天道師だ!

Age warning: "Infinite Devouring:From Zero to Hero" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


Yang Chen, who keeps failing his performance assessments in an immortal cultivation academy, accidentally discovers that he has the Ancient Dragon Soul. In a world where such souls are rare, he quickly becomes an almighty Heaven Master and is ready to venture into the unknown world with his newfound talent.



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