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Legendary Car-Hailing System
Legendary Car-Hailing System
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Legendary Car-Hailing System

Other name: 我一个网约车司机有点钱怎么了?; What's wrong with me, an online car-hailing driver, who has a little money?; Wo Yige Wang Yue Che Siji Youdian Qian Zenmeliao?; Wǒ Yīgè Wǎng Yuē Chē Sījī Yǒudiǎn Qián Zěnmeliǎo?; What's Wrong With Me, an Online Car-Hailing Driver, With Some Money?; タクシードライバーに転職したらシステムに選ばれた件; How a Ride-hailing Driver Comes to Dominate the World?


On the day Yang Chen resigned after having a big fight with the leader, he also got a breakup notice from his girlfriend of six years, Zhao Feifei. Because he was unwilling to accommodate unreasonable passengers, Yang Chen bound the system, relying on the bad reviews he got to get the system to give various rich rewards, and finally changed his life.



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