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My Disciple Became the Great Demon Empress?!
My Disciple Became the Great Demon Empress?!
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My Disciple Became the Great Demon Empress?!

Other name: Zhēng Yǎn Hòu, Wǒ De Dìzǐ Chéngle Nǚdì Dà Mó Tóu?!; 睁眼后,我的弟子成了女帝大魔头?!; Zheng Yan Hou, Wo De Dizi Chengle Nvdi Da Mo Tou?!; Sau Khi Mở Mắt, Đệ Tử Của Ta Thành Đại Ma Đầu Nữ Đế?!; After Opening My Eyes, My Disciples Became the Great Villainous Empresses?!


After many years of seclusion, Ye Shen’s cultivation level has greatly increased, his strength has soared, and his physical body has become immortal. However! The moment he walked out of the mountain gate, he was completely dumbfounded. First Disciple: The Empress of a Demonic Sect, commanding millions of demonic cultivators, and about to hold a sacrificial ceremony. Second Disciple: The infamous Bloodthirsty Assassin. As long as you give him money, he will accept the mission… His hands are stained with blood. Third Disciple: The Poison Supreme, with a pinch of his hand, he can control thousands of puppets. Ye Shen, who had been in seclusion for hundreds of years, was also shocked to discover that… his name had already spread throughout the continent, and he had become the ancestor of great evil that make both mortals and gods tremble in fear.



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