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My Disciples Are All Big Villains
My Disciples Are All Big Villains
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My Disciples Are All Big Villains

Other name: My Disciples Are All Villains • 我的徒弟都是大反派 • Wo De Tudi Dou Shi Da Fanpai • Wǒ De Túdì Dōu Shì Dà Fǎnpài • My Apprentices Are All Great Villains • Đồ Đệ Của Ta Đều Là Đại Phản Phái


Lu Zhou woke up and became the world’s most powerful demonic patriarch, along with nine evil disciples who shocked the world. The first disciple has tens of thousands of demons under his command, and the second apprentice. Sword Demon will kill if he disagrees.. Without any cultivation, how to rescue these villains?



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