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Rise From the Rubble
Rise From the Rubble
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Rise From the Rubble

Other name: 从末世崛起; Cong Moshi Jueqi; The Warrior Ascends From The Rubble; Rise in the Apocalyptic World; 전설 헌터로 키워지는 중입니다


10 years after the night of starfall, city S was destroyed by the biggest recorded monster outbreak in history. Zuo Fan, carrying the name of [A traitor’s son], as well as being the most useless starfall warrior reserve who ran away, awakened the Super Warrior System during a trap disguised as a raid. Since then, he has embarked on the road of success, rising like a meteor. All the while, searching for the truth of his father’s treason amidst the strong opposition, and gradually commencing on the thorny road of saving the world.



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