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Skeleton Evolution
Skeleton Evolution
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Skeleton Evolution

Other name: Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution; Skeleton Evolution: Starting From Being Summoned By the Sorceress; 骷髅进化:从被女神召唤开始; Kulou Jinhua: Cong Bei Nvshen Zhaohuan Kaishi; Kūlóu Jìnhuà: Cóng Bèi Nǚshén Zhàohuàn Kāishǐ; Skeleton Evolution: It starts with being summon by a goddess; Skeleton Evolution: It Starts With Being Summoned by a Goddess


Jiang Cheng, a man who unexpectedly finds himself reincarnated into a fantastical game world as a lowly skeleton, summoned by a group of beautiful female players using dark necromancy. To his dismay, this skeleton is no ordinary minion; it's the epitome of cannon fodder, barely worth a second glance! But fortune smiles upon him, for he possesses an extraordinary ability—the Infinite Evolution System! With this newfound power, Jiang Cheng embarks on a remarkable journey, evolving from a mere skeleton into a god-tier undead warrior. Now, armed with unrivaled strength and cunning intellect, he unleashes havoc upon the game world, sending players and NPCs alike into fits of desperation and sorrow. Follow Jiang Cheng as he rises from the depths of obscurity to become the fearsome legend—the God-tier Skeleton, feared by all, and unmatched in the realms of virtual adventure. Get ready for an epic tale of action, strategy, and unexpected alliances in a world where the line between reality and the virtual becomes blurred. Brace yourself as the laughter of victory and the tears of defeat echo throughout this extraordinary adventure!



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