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The Last Cultivator
The Last Cultivator
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The Last Cultivator

Other name: 最后的修仙者; Zuihou De Xiuxian Zhe; Zuìhòu De Xiūxiān Zhě; Girls, Magic and Immortal Cultivators; Meizi, Mofa Yu Xiuxian Zhe; Mèizi, Mófǎ Yǔ Xiūxiān Zhě; 妹子、魔法与修仙者

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5000 years ago, the demon god led the army to battle the cultivators. After years of battle, the demon god destroyed all the sects of the cultivation world. The entire world changed completely because of this battle. Magicians, Knights, and Healers started to appear. This world completely became a world of magic. 5000 years later, a bolt of heavenly lightning suddenly awakened a cultivator sleeping in Xuan Yuan wood. He is now the last cultivator in the world.



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