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I Became The King by Scavenging
I Became The King by Scavenging
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I Became The King by Scavenging

Other name: 我靠捡垃圾上王者


Good news, it has been detected that your profession is a hidden profession. Bad news, your hidden profession is one in ten thousand: ‘Trash.’ You are about to change jobs to… ‘Scavenger.’ Ye Qing felt a white flash before his eyes upon seeing the results, all his years of effort went down the drain. Borrowing money at high interest rates to speculate on stocks and losing it all, thrown into a private hunting group by creditors to work off his debts in the dark. After defeating a Demonic Beast that was supposed to be impossible to kill, that instant influx of experience points allowed Ye Qing to level up from 0 to 1, triggering the only job change opportunity in his life… But unexpectedly, the profession he awakened to was the globally one in ten thousand hidden profession—’Scavenger.’ All the talent trees are centered around the bizarre profession of ‘picking up trash.



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