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I Got The Weakest Class, Dragon Tamer!?
I Got The Weakest Class, Dragon Tamer!?
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I Got The Weakest Class, Dragon Tamer!?

Other name: Quánmín Zhuǎn Zhí: Yù Lóng Shī Shì Zuì Ruò Zhíyè?; 全民转职:驭龙师是最弱职业?; Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer; Global Profession: Is Dragon Tamer the Weakest Profession?; I'm Drako Majstro; Toàn Dân Chuyển Chức: Ngự Long Sư Là Chức Nghiệp Yếu Nhất?; 全民转职:驭龙师是最弱职业?; I Got the Weakest Class, Dragon Tamer!?


Combining reality with a gaming world where ferocious beasts roam freely, filled with numerous mysteries and dungeons. In order to defend against the onslaught of these beasts, everyone undergoes class transfers and crazily levels up. On the day of his transfer, Lu Fan becomes a hidden class – Dragon Tamer. However, due to the immense strength of dragons, it is deemed impossible for anyone to tame them, earning Dragon Tamer the reputation of being the most useless class. Fortunately, he awakens the Super Treasure Map System. As Lu Fan, with his mighty dragon, sweeps through everything, the entire world trembles.



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