My Wife Is The Destined Villainess
My Wife Is The Destined Villainess
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My Wife Is The Destined Villainess

Other name: 我的娘子是天命反派; Wo De Niangzi Shi Tianming Fanpai; Wǒ De Niángzǐ Shì Tiānmìng Fǎnpài; My Wife's Fate Is to Be the Villainess; My Wife Is the Villain of Destiny; My Wife Is the Destined Villainess


Just entered the novel world and unexpectedly became a cannon fodder supporting character named Mo Lang, who also married the villain boss as his wife? As a cannon fodder, he not only has to whiten his villainous wife to prevent her from turning black, but also has to seize the air luck of the son of destiny. Mo Lang smiled slightly, although he had no cultivation, the system gave him endless props and rare treasures to be able to stand at the top of this continent. The so-called son of destiny is nothing but an ant in his hands! But wait, why does the villain wife by his side look strange?



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